In the year 2021, VVS Retails (Startup India recognized company) acquired Aqlé. Aqlé is a multi-product business with a prominent presence in the domiciliary market,  drawing its inspiration from nature, and thus we believe in a sustainable approach, offering environmental friendly products. Our core values as a brand are trust and quality, and to ensure we stay true to our values at each step in building the brand is backed by extensive research and certifications.

We package our products with 100% virgin & recyclable PET bottles, ensuring our contribution towards saving the planet.

In-house Laboratory Testing

  • All parameters testing adherence to Compliance as per BIS Standards.
  • Regular staff training and medical examination of entire facility staff at regular time intervals.
  • Regular management meeting protocol for quality management of Raw material and finished goods.

External Laboratory Testing

  • External lab testing as per BIS compliance requirements.
  • Regular external testing as prescribed by the management policies.
  • Experts hired to ensure quality is up to international and domestic standards.

Online Quality Management

  • Every production batch is stored to analyse the product life cycle.
  • Dedicated team for product inspection, in case of any foreign particle in water.
  • Random inspections by senior quality personnel at different intervals for the production line, functioning of machines, and staff behavior and training.


After strenuous research in 2019, Royal Beverages saw an opportunity of sourcing water from the Ganges, and Aqlé was born. In 2021 VVS retails acquired Aqlé with a determination to revolutionize the beverage market.

Aqlé’s foundation lays on the idea of providing pure, healthy, and environment-friendly water solutions to the people without sidelining the taste and quality or the high standards of production. Multiple levels of testing, which includes in-house laboratory testing, external testing and online quality management, has been done in compliance with BIS standards to ensure quality.

Our plant in Uttarakhand, spread over 14,000 sq ft in the vicinity of holy river Ganga, is fully automated and equipped with the latest technology. We ensure all our production is carried out hygienically and our packaging is 100% environment friendly.