Sourced directly from the underground springs of river Ganga, Aqlé natural mineral water is packed with nutrients and minerals authentically found in the water body. Packaged in a recyclable and eco-friendly bottle, Aqlé is an economical option for everyone.


The all day hydration buddy

Meet your daily water intake goals with our easy-to-carry bottle of natural mineral water.

The perfect travel companion

There's no need to go thirsty when you can travel stress-free with this hydrating companion.

The Everyday Range

The perfect size to carry around with ease, this bottle is ideal for everyday use.

The Quick Thirst Quencher

The smallest bottle in the range, it's the best for quick hydration!


Aqlé Springs (1L)

Pack of 12

₹ 816

Aqlé Springs (500ML)

Pack of 20

₹ 850

Aqlé Springs (200ML)

Pack of 24

₹ 408