About us

AQLÉ is a multiproduct business model for introducing various beverages in the Indian market with greater focus on purity, health and environmental friendliness.

Taking pride in its commitments, Aqle has introduced pure Natural Mineral Water drawn straight from Indian gigantic ranges of river ganga. It has already made strong presence in the Indian markets fulfilled in 100% virgin put bottles ensuring its commitment to save the environment. Bottles are completely recyclable. Efforts have been made to maintain international standards of pure Natural mineral water to face a healthy competition in the international market.

Our Vision

Committed to meet high standards of products with infinite possibilities of development , Aqlé aims to make all its products accessible to people worldwide. We strive to become a leading brand for innovation and quality while achieving excellence in all our ventures.

Our Origin

Aqlé drinking water gets sourced from the Springs around the vicinity of Holy River Ganga. The water flows from the Himalayas get filtered through a natural process and settles down in the underground sources. At Aqlé, we ensure the purity and the nutrients of this age-old water resource remain intact by vigorous and finely carried automated processes.

Our Values

Purity: Untouched by humans, Aqlé water maintains its purity through a slow underground journey, using layers of rocks and soil for natural filtering. This is then collected by fully automated machines.

Quality: Assured by a team of qualified and experienced staff members. Aqlé water prides itself on providing the highest quality of natural mineral water to its customers. Regular testing ensures that we meet set standards.

Commitment: At Aqlé , We are committed to bringing you the purest natural mineral water from the depths of Ganges Basin, sourced entirely by automatic machines. We work towards providing safe and quality drinking water to all across the globe.

Balance: Aqlé recognizes the importance of balance, not only in the mineral content of its water but also in its overall impact on health. The water is carefully curated to strike a harmonious balance, promoting both hydration and essential mineral intake.


  • Aqlé water goes through 10-layers of natural filtration
  • Enriched with essential nutrients and minerals for a holistic well-being
  • AQLÉ Natural Alkaline mineral water is enriched with minerals like calcium and magnesium.TDS level of 270 and PH- 7.8+
  • AQLÉ offers Natural alkaline water which helps:
With hydration
Boost Immunity
Reduce Acidity
  • BIS, FSSAI, HACCP, ISO and CGWA Certified.
  • Regular inspections for product quality and staff training.

Quality standards

Our Natural Filters

Aqlé brings you a step closer to experience nature’s most treasured creation in it’s unadulterated natural state. Naturally filtered through 10 layers of soil, we make water accessible to you in its purest form enriched with nutrients & minerals.


  • All parameters testing adherence to Compliance as per BIS Standards.
  • Regular staff training and medical examination of entire facility staff at regular time intervals.
  • Regular management meeting protocol for quality management of Raw material and finished goods.


  • External lab testing as per BIS compliance requirements.
  • Regular external testing as prescribed by the management policies.
  • Experts hired to ensure quality is up to international and domestic standards.


  • Every production batch is stored to analyse the product life cycle.
  • Dedicated team for product inspection, in case of any foreign particle in water.
  • Random checks by senior quality personnel at different intervals for the production line, functioning of machines, and staff behavior and training.
Lab test